Torch Led Ledlenser Rechargeable X21R - 5000Lm - Hardcase

Torch Led Ledlenser Rechargeable X21R - 5000Lm - Hardcase

20029581 | ZL501967

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The updated X21R Ledlenser torch has an ultra-bright search beam with up to 5000 lumens when on boost mode with an 800 metre beam range. The fast action ring-switch lets you easily move between the six modes (power, low power, boost, blink, SOS, strobe and position) to ensure you always have the light you need. Users can choose either energy saving mode to preserve run time or constant current mode for optimal brightness. With a maximum run time of 40 hours in low power mode the X21R is an unbeatable search light.


  • Power - High level of performance with maximum brightness output for any situation
  • Low Power - Economical light performance for long battery life, for aperture-free reading and work
  • Boost - For short use and maximum strength for maximum brightness
  • Blink - Automatic transmission of light pulses at regular intervals
  • SOS - Emergency signal that emits SOS this morning code (3 x short, 3 x long, 3 x short)
  • Strobe - Flashing light with deterrent aperture effect for i.a. self defense
  • Position - Light pulses are emitted automatically at regular intervals. This feature allows you to signal your position