Lamp Philips Hue White A60 9.5W Es

Lamp Philips Hue White A60 9.5W Es

20025114 | 929001137010

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This Philips Hue Extension Bulb is a versatile addition to your Philips Hue system. It delivers a bright white light which is easily dimmed and controlled from your smartphone or other device.

  • 1 x ES Bulb.
  • 9.5W.
  • Warm White Light (2700k).
  • Compatible with Apple Home Kit, Google Home and Amazon Echo.
  • App available through Android and iOS devices.
  • Requires a Philips Hue Bridge to connect.

Include a Philips Hue white bulb to your system and enhance your home with warm white lighting that you can dim and control remotely as long as you have internet connection.