Headlamp Led Ledlenser H7.2 - 250Lm - Boxed

Headlamp Led Ledlenser H7.2 - 250Lm - Boxed

ZL7297 | ZL7297

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We've taken one of our most popular LED headlamps and made it brighter, lighter, and easier to use. An upgraded lens for our Advanced Focus System adjusts for either long-distance viewing or close range illumination, and a revised durable tilt mechanism puts light just where you need it. Our new wheel switch allows you to easily control light intensity, and special touches like an added carabiner hook and a new ergonomic fit make the H7.2 a headlamp you'll soon wonder how you did without.

Pros are thrilled. With 250 lumens*, the LED LENSER® H7.2 is a miracle of light. This lightweight champion is full of the best technology. You can change from long-distance light to circular low beam. The Advanced Focus System with its convenient features makes outdoor activities more comfortable and, above all, safer. A circular potentiometer allows for smooth dimming and the lamp head can be swivelled within an angle of 90 degrees. 


  • Battery Life: 7 hours high power/ 60 hours low power
  • Brightness 250lm high power/ 20lm low power
  • Project light 160m high power/ 50m low power
  • Advanced focus system
  • IPX4 Waterproof Rated
  • Lightweight
  • Can tilt 90 degrees